Saturday, September 17, 2011


Throughout my grade school days, I was never bullied. I was quite plain, I never really fit into any particular group, and I never experienced hatred.
Mostly, I hung out with the gothic kids, you know: the ones with the baggy pants, dark clothing and black makeup. I even painted my lips black for a while. During this whole time, I never experienced anything close to bullying.
Lately, I have heard about how bad bullying has become, though I didn't really want to believe that elementary kids were being bullied to the point of suicide.
But tonight, I saw it first hand.
I was hanging out with a friend and her husband who came up to the USC vs. Navy game. My friend's cousin came along ( we will call him Junior). My friend's husband lost his phone and we looked for it for about 30 minutes. I finally looked under the chair and found it (it was under his wife's chair". I grabbed it and exclaimed "I found it" all to looks of unbelief. My friend and her husband believed that I had innocently found it under her chair. However her cousin exclaimed something along the lines of, "she found it? Yeah right. She hid it there. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her...which obviously isn't far, just look at her."
I honestly have never felt so hurt in my life, especially after miscarrying. Talk about "kick'em when they're down". I cried the whole way home. Just goes to show, some people never grow up. They feel as if hurting someone makes them macho...makes them feel better about themselves.
So, so sad.


  1. Chica, you are amazing. You are a beautiful child of God, made in His Image. This kid obviously has issues. He doesn't feel good about himself and now has to make others feel bad! You rock and I love you.

  2. It still amazes me that people can be the cause of such pain. I wish you would have slapped his cheek. An insecure rat is what he is. Anyone that knows you, knows you are the most trustworthy person around and plus you are gorgeous inside and out. Don't let this louse win by stealing your self confidence. Keep your light shining, don't hide it under a basket. He should crawl back under the slimy rock he crept out from under. I hope someone makes him aware of the bully he is so he won't hurt anyone else.