Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pretty in pink...or not.

I have always despised pink. I prefer white roses over pink. Red nail polish to its diluted counterpart. My wardrobe consists of neutrals, reds and purples. Pink? Almost non-existant. I've never even been asked to wear a pink bridesmaids dress. Score!

Despite avoiding the color since I was able to dress myself, I find that I gravitate towards wedding inspiration boards that depict an army of girls clad in light pink dresses, cakes crowned with pink floral arrangements and vintage lace dresses with pink sashes.


I have been running from pink all this time but alas, I can run no longer. Pink is feminine, it is classic, it is timeless. I will make the assumption that almost every bride wants to embody and embrace femininity on their wedding day and what better hue than pink?

While I am still unsure as to what color will be gracing our wedding day pink is a great contender. Will I regret it later? Maybe. Will it convey a sweet, feminine, memorable day? Absolutely.

Have you fallen in love with a color that you didn't expect? Did you use a color in your wedding that you regretted?

Friday, December 18, 2009

"Bring me that horizon..."

Captain Jack Sparrow said this at the end of "Pirates of the Caribbean". This simple statement holds so much passion and mystery and embodies the feelings I have been having about planning a wedding and being married.

As a little girl I never dreamed about my wedding. I have never imagined myself in a white dress, walking down the aisle to a faceless groom. Truthfully, I have always been scared at the thought of marriage. Never have I thought about having a partner, a significant other to come home to and share a life with. I have been independent since receiving my first training bra and learning that dress up isn't the only time to wear red lipstick.

The idea of having to plan a large celebration with all the tulle, flowers, sweets and people has always given me anxiety, to the point where I think about throwing my hands up and getting put on serious medication.

But as I wait, patiently and knowingly, for the engagement ring, my feelings have changed. The anxiety that used to grip my throat has been subdued. What is left is suspense and wonder. Curiosity and mystery. The unknown and the anticipated. The hope for something beautiful and enduring.

As I continue planning the day that Joseph and I will wed, I say "Bring me that horizon" and all its beauty. Each horizon we encounter, no matter how sad, trying or joyful will be more beautiful than the last.

So once again, "Bring me that horizon!"

Waiting for the heirloom

Before I begin this post I have  to admit: Joseph and I are not engaged yet. We have avidly talked about it and know that it will happen. Of course, I will not know when or where but it will happen and soon.

I stare at my left hand and realize there is something missing. A symbol. A ring. An "engaging" piece of jewelry that starts conversations of:

"Oh my goodness!!!! How did he propose???" Followed by piercing squeals as I recount the details for the millionth time.

"What are the 'Four C's' of your ring?" "Really? That's all? looks amazing on your hand!" After I tell them that it is .44 carats.


Joseph and I knew we wanted to marry after only three months of dating and now after eight months we are going to get engaged. When? Tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. New Years maybe? In other words I have no clue.

I do know what my ring will look like. My grandmother graciously offered us her ring. A beautiful .44 carat solitaire set in yellow gold that my grandfather gave to her over 50 years ago. A time when things were simpler, life was slower and love was enough.

Soon, her ring will be my ring. It will grace my left hand and I will stare at it and think of where it has been, the love that was built on top of it and the future that is before us.

Have you acquired an heirloom? What did it mean to you?

I became We

Joseph and I met at Best Buy. I would like to compare our meeting to something that would happen in a movie. Boy sees girl, girl sees boy (while he is working and wearing a geek squad uniform...pocket protector not included.) They talk, flirt and smile a lot. Girl leaves only to return and run into him again. Boy makes a bold move and gives girl his name. Girl immediately goes home and contacts him. They get engaged and live happily ever after.

Okay so maybe it didn't happen exactly like that but it is how I remember it in my head, so let's run with it. 

During my last year of graduate school my beloved Sony Vaio (Hello, I'm a PC) decided to get sick and die during finals week. On a Tuesday, I stomped my way into the big box blue electronic store, mumbling something under my breath.

Day 1: After taking my computer to Best Buy and talking to Joseph (who then worked for the Geek Squad) about the screamo-death metal he was listening to (it reminded me of my high school days when I wore black from head to toe...even on my lips. Fortunately, this look will not be gracing our wedding day) I left my computer, hoping it would get fixed.


Day 2: Went to Best Buy, I noticed that Joseph was off that day, picked up my computer and drove home.

An hour later: I realized my computer was indeed not fixed so in a huff my mom and I went back to Best Buy to have them fix it...again.

Day 3: I received a voicemail from Joseph (though I didn't know it was him until later) telling me that my computer was ready. I had the day off and went and picked up my computer. I waited in line, reading an interesting article in Sports Illustrated about a baseball pitcher that had public anxiety issues, and finally was called to the front but none other than my future husband.

As we discussed computers we slid in little comments about our personal likes. What kind of music do you listen to? I replied: Mostly Christian. The conversation went on. He finally wrote his name down and told me to look him up on facebook if I had any questions.

I got home and I had a question so I found him on facebook. Okay, so I didn't have a question but I wanted to message him so I did. Can you blame a girl?

After talking online a few times we got together. We enjoyed each other's company for about a month before we made it official and 8 months we are.

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What is your story? Whether you met 10 weeks ago or 10 years ago tell me how you met your Mr.