Friday, March 9, 2012

Misguided Roses that Bloom in September

I have posted about music before but I don't think I ever explained how important music is to me. Everyone knows that I love Edwin McCain. It isn't a secret. I have seen Edwin many, many times (I lost count) and I have shared my joy of Edwin with almost everyone. I've been to shows with my mom, sister (multiple times), one of my best friends (My mom introduced me to his music over 11 years ago and I haven't turned back. I like a variety of music ranging from Michael Bolton to Oh, Sleeper

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Case of the Stinky Nose

Every couple has "their story".
A story about when they first met, a not-so-funny at the time story about their wedding day that they now laugh at as they reminisce or an inside joke that only the two of them share.
Well, today I have decided to let you guys in on one such story. It is a story about love, passion and a stinky nose.
Picture it: April, 2009. My computer had been acting up, not connecting to the internet and generally being a pain in the patootie.
After having a successful sinus surgery that left me with severe post-anesthesia nausea and two black eyes, I decided to go in on one of my sick leave days to have my computer fixed.
Enter: The Geek Squad. Now, I had never had much interaction with this crowd. Men (and women...but mostly men) dressed in black slacks, white button down shirts, and signature black ties. Not exactly the uniform you picture when a southern belle exclaims, "I love men in uniform!"
I arrived at Best Buy, and mosied on over to the Geek Squad line. I grabbed a Sports Illustrated magazine (because if you read Sports Illustrated, men WILL be impressed). I waited, and waited and finally was called up. A nice Geek Squader, named Gabe, helped me with my tired computer. While he was futzing with my Vaio, I heard this loud noise (also known as hardcore music) and asked another guy behind the counter what he was listening to. Thus began the first conversation between Joseph and me. 

Since the surgery, fluids and dried blood had been slowly seeping into the cavity of my nose. Of course, this is part of the healing process but after two weeks it gets kind of smelly. I was using a saline nose wash to no avail. The stinky nose was there to stay until I went to the doctor.

So fast forward two weeks. Joseph and I had started courting or dating or whatever you young people call it now-days. It was a hot, humid, sultry (for effect) night and we were walking on Columbia's riverwalk. For those of you who live in Columbia, you know the exact kind of night I am talking about. For whatever reason, everything was in place to make my nose smell as bad as it ever had. Joseph was wanting to hug me and stand close, as most couples do when they first start dating but I kept pushing him away in fear he would smell the odor wafting from my nose.

While walking, Joseph exclaimed, "Do you smell a skunk?"

I died. What? A skunk? "'ve never smelled a skunk before." What a lame answer. Secretly I was thinking, "Just kill me now. I am not telling you about my stinky nose but I guess it's good you think it's a skunk and not me...then again you are calling me a skunk."

[caption id="attachment_780" align="aligncenter" width="318" caption="Not too long after the case of the stinky nose."][/caption]

I didn't tell Joseph about my skunked up nose that night, or the next, or the month after. It wasn't until we were engaged that I let him in on my little stinky nose secret. After visiting the doctor for the next two months, I finally healed and the stinky nose was no more.

And there you have it. The case of the stinky nose.

Do you have an "embarrasing-at-the-time" story?