Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh, Sleeper

Oh, mama...

Yesterday started out as a normal Tuesday. Joseph was off of work, running an errand for his grandma and buying my Christmas gift (yay!). I was at work, pushing papers and answering phone calls. During my break, I decided to start looking at options for Joseph's Christmas gift.

The thing about buying gifts for Joseph is that it should be very easy. He has many hobbies (beer, drums, reading, music, guns...the list goes on) but that very statement makes it so hard to buy for him because there is so much that I could buy for him.

While looking online, I looked up Wuhan 16" China Cymbals for his drum kit, ammo for his gun, "The Overton Window" by Glenn Beck....the list goes on. Then I got the bright idea to look up his favorite bands.

You see, when it comes to music our tastes are completely different. While I enjoy some older music (James Taylor and Michael Bolton...don't judge me) as well as country music, Joseph enjoys a completely different genre: metalcore which I lovingly call "rawr, rawr, rawr" music.

So while browsing on Oh, Sleeper's Web site, I saw that they were playing in Columbia! When you ask? That evening! How perfect! I was instantly giddy that I would be able to give Joseph something that I know he would love even though my ears may not enjoy it. I mean, the boy took me to an Edwin McCain show and didn't laugh at me when I was starstruck by the saxophonist, Craig Shields.  (I got his autograph...swoon!)

The experience was one that I will never forget, you see, I used to listen to "rawr, rawr, rawr" music when I was in high school and haven't been to a show since. Last night's show brought back so many memories, the nostalgia was incredibly thick. Being able to share in the experience with Joseph was so sweet and the joy that radiated from him last night gave me joy in return.

We were able to talk to some of the band members after the show and let me tell you...they are genuine. I told the lead singer that I was NOT a fan of their music but seeing them play has completely changed my mind. He was so gracious and laughed. The guitarist sat next to us at the bar and commented on Joseph's trench coat (aka The Cow). I told him not to encourage Joseph...I dislike The Cow. They are unphased by the thousands of people who follow their music, they are grateful for the fans but know that they are human and their God is the one who is great.

And the music? WOW! It was fast paced, get-on-your-feet-and-run-into-someone type music. The best of all? They gave credit where credit is due: to God.

Their lyrics are worshipful and powerful:

"From the armories the angels sing. You will see them end this suffering.
From the armories the angels sing. You will fear them when they lift their wings.
They will sing to a world reborn.
They will sing as I cut off your horns.
I'll cut off your horns"

From - The Finisher

Oh yes. That is Jesus telling the devil that He is going to cut off his horns. That is my Jesus :)

I find their symbol or logo very intriguing. It is a mutilated pentagram.


To explain the pentagram in relation to a goat, I will turn my blog over to Wikipedia. Don't hate.

"The Neopagan pentagram is generally displayed with one point up, partly because of the "inverted" goat's head pentagram's association with Satanism" (Wikipedia)

So the top two points of the pentagram symbolize the goat's horns.

As you can see,Oh Sleeper's logo is the "goat" without horns. Think on that for a minute.


Friday, December 10, 2010

On a new generation

My brother is having a baby.

Okay...well, his wife, Heather, is actually the one who will be doing all the work but nonetheless THEY are having a baby.

It is uncanny to think of my brother, the one that is only a year, two months and ten days older than me...the one who gave me nuggies and to this day pokes me relentlessly....the only brother I have....will be a father.

Heather, my sister-in-law, is now about 6 months along and last time I saw her she was getting the cutest round tummy! Drew is beaming and is terribly excited, though he tried to hide it.

That being said, it is hard living so far away. While two point five hours doesn't seem like a long way, when you have a nephew (yes, it's a boy!) on the way, it seems like millions of miles.

I know we will be there to enjoy him on special occasions but what about random afternoons?

I want to be close with them, to come over, babysit for mommy-daddy date night and most of all, to get experience for my own little one (which won't be for a while).

I don't know what it will look like to be an Aunt but I know I am excited and I can't wait to meet little Jackson!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's that time of year, Christmas Cards!

Well, honestly, I have never had "that time of year" where I sent out Christmas cards. I remember seeing my mother write and send out beautifully decorated cards feature Jesus in a manger or glittery cards with snowmen and poinsettia.

But I have never had to send out cards. The first cards I ever sent out were our wedding invitations!

So...since I have yet to send out thank you notes to those who attended, sent gifts, said prayers and made our wedding day the amazing day that it was, I figure why not send out Christmas cards at the same time?

I am in luck! is running a special promotion for bloggers that mention their favorite cards on their blog.

So here goes!

I love this black, white and red snowflake themed card. As most of you know, Joseph and I incorporated black and red into our wedding. We are both huge fans of the colors. (Or is black a shade? The debate continues...)

This is another one of my favorites! I love the bright color as well as the idea of having a "warm" holiday. Those of you who live in the South (yes...I capitalized South) know that we RARELY have a white, frigid, Christmas. I do love the detail of the snowflake design.

And here are a couple more of my favs...just because...

All photocards can be found here.

You can also view Christmas Calendars and other Christmas Gifts from SHUTTERFLY! Such a great company! (I have ordered from Shutterfly before...if you were at the wedding you saw our awesome guest book. Guess what? It was from Shutterfly!)

So which one will I chose? Hmmm...

Without photographs...

I feel as if I cannot post.

I feel as though my words are not worthy without the rectagular visions.

So until I find my camera adapter...

All you get are my words.