Thursday, September 15, 2011

A little less

Everyday the sting of loss hurts a little less. Mainly because of the grace that our Father blesses me with everyday and the constant reminders he gives of love and restoration.

Also, the people I have been surrounded with. My husband, mom, lifegroup, family and friends.

I have learned much through the process. I learned that sometimes, I cannot grieve alone like I like to do. Sometimes the tears have to fall on someones shoulders. I was able to get a glimpse into motherhood, what it is like to care for someone so completely without ever seeing their face. 

Sometimes my hand still gravitates towards where Lord Voldemort was nestled in my tummy. And while I know that he is no longer there, I know that he has paved the way for our next little one.


  1. precious!! <3
    so much love for you, girl!!

  2. I teared up, not even knowing everything.

  3. Love you lady. You are able to express things so beautifully with your words.

  4. Each child is a blessing in its own way and fills our hearts with awe inspired joy, whether given for wisp of a moment or for a full lifetime of days, a mother's heart is full of love forever. This little one brought that joy to us all, just as you brought and continue to bring that joy to me. Love you my middle child! ~Mom

  5. How comforting it is to know that His grace is sufficient.