Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's been so long...since I've seen your face

10 points to anyone who names that tune.

SO it has been a while since the last post. A lot and nothing has gone on. My birthday came and went along with Easter.

My birthday was a magical one. My first birthday being a married woman...and my husband did not disappoint. The night started with a surprise visit to Al's Upstairs, a swanky Italian restaurant located in West Columbia. Al's has a beautiful view of downtown Columbia.

 I had the mixed grill (filet migon, salmon and lamb, anyone?) It was unbelievable and worth every penny. Joseph had Chicken Charleston...which was some sort of chicken. It was okay. It didn't touch my mixed grill. We ended with cheesecake. A ginormous piece at that...I didn't want to share with Joseph. It was so good, so rich and creamy. Almost sinful.

After the cheesecake, my husband decided it would be a marvelous idea for us to walk the riverwalk. I, however, did not think it was a good idea as I was in 3-inch heels and my stomach was full of cheesecake. We walked about 5 minutes before the complaining started and Joseph relunctantly headed back to the car.

We then took an interesting tour around downtown Charleston. We took a left...then another left....then another left and ended up back where we had started (at the State House). I was completely and utterly confused as to why we circled the block. We then headed over to the Flying Saucer where my hubs had set up an intimate surprise party with my favorite people. I wish I would have gotten a group shot!

I will leave you with this pic:


  1. Sounds delightful!! (Happy late birthday! :)

  2. (I didn't know the song title so I googled it ;)