Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wedding Blues

The wedding came and the wedding went. We spent hours with great friends and family. I saw the man of my dreams at the end of the aisle and I steadfastly walked toward him. We said our vows and exchanged rings. Washed each others feet and had a dear friend sing one of our favorite worship songs. We danced (a little), ate good food and wonderful cake. We battled a broken windshield and a mean dragon lady. We honeymooned and laid on the beach. Ate too much bacon and drank good beer.

There were so many great moments and memories with a  little bit of stress along the way but nothing that took away from the glory of the day. It has been almost two weeks since the wedding and I find myself with a case of the wedding blues.

I told myself that I would not come down with the blues but alas, here I am. I can barely look at my favorite wedding blog,, without having a pang of sadness. I never let on to how much I loved researching wedding related topics. Flowers, cakes, colors, photographers, traditions and creative ways to make the wedding our own.

I enjoyed coming up with fabulous ideas and seeing them, through friends and family, come to be.

Basically, I am sad that our day is over. That I no longer have an excuse to spend ten minutes at the magazine rack flipping through bridal magazines. I no longer have an excuse to spend hours looking for the perfect wedding cake design...because I have already found it and it was executed beautifully. I no longer have an excuse to look at wedding bouquets and centerpieces because I already compiled pages of photo inspiration and my friend and florist made that dream come true (actually...they were beyond my wildest dreams).

But despite the sadness that comes from the loss of a sort of bridal identity, there is joy. I married Joseph. We made wonderful memories with great people. We have household projects galore to accomplish and the adventure of merging two lives.

So while I will be trading in my bridal veil for a more Susie homemaker kerchief, I will fondly remember our wedding day and the happiness that it brought.


  1. These memories will warm your heart when you're old with cold feet! It was extremely beautiful, and even more precious to me because you did it. You worked so hard! You made the ordinary extraordinary. You made the day yours and yes even a crushed windshield didn't put a damper on the beauty you inspired. The beauty of teats glistening in your eyes took everyone's breath away, and even the gentlemen present had to wipe the moisture off their cheeks. A dream you didn't know was inside became a wonderful reality created by you! Now, you face a new horizon of possibilities. the day will arrive when you will glance back and say, "What a life it is! It is good!"

  2. Glad it was Amazing!!!! Planning to post some pics?? :)

  3. Yes ma'am! I am waiting for the professional photos :)

  4. I know what you mean! It has been nearly a year and a half for me, and I still have those little twinges of wedding blues. My day went perfectly but how much fun was it to plan? Even at your wedding, a few times I said "Why didn't I think of that?" Your wedding was so beautiful. Cherish the memories and the life with your husband always. Now, you can take on more stress+free roles in future weddings!

  5. Thank you for the encouraging word! I am so happy the way everything turned out. (Well...except maybe my hair! It was hot though so little I could do about that). I was astounded by everything...from the flowers to the cake (which was only supposed to be a 3-tier...the baker made it 5 -tiers to surprise me!).
    I am just sad that I dont have any projects to do. Even though I always said that I would never let the wedding be my identity, I was unable to stop it.
    You plan for so long and that is what people talk to you about. They identify you as "bride" and "wedding planner" for all those months and then one day it is over and in a sense you lose that identity.

  6. Yay! Glad to hear it!! :) (what's your email again??)

  7. You can be my wedding planner, Jess! Now all we have to find is the groom... ;-)