Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paper Hearts

Over the weekend my mother and I have tackled another project:

Paper heart napkin rings and paper heart garland.

We took one of my mother's trashy romance novels (I knew they were good for something!) and traced hearts with a welder which burned the paper. In the end we were left with over 120 paper hearts.

My mom ended up doing most of them as the smell of the burning paper was unpleasant and thus made me feel unpleasant.


I haven't taken picture of the hearts but they are very similar to the hearts above.

The next step is to string the garland onto some twine that I purchased at Michaels. Hopefully they will look like this:


When I saw these little details I knew it would be worth the effort.


  1. Lol, i heard several people at the wedding getting a kick out of reading the "Heart Quotes" some of them were "HOT, HOT, HOT!" Love you, it was a beautiful wedding!

  2. I thought those pictures were of your hearts! It was such an elegant extra touch. And yes, quite entertaining. :-)