Friday, September 10, 2010

The Simple Things

I realized today that the simplest things about this wedding are making me so incredibly happy.

Today, I called the events coordinator at our reception venue. She asked me several questions about the number of people attending and what food we would like to have. The time of the reception and what color linens would I like, white or ivory?

White or ivory? I have a choice? When we first talked so many moons ago, she mentioned they only offered white linens. I wanted ivory but if all they had were white I wasn't going to complain (or dish out hundreds of dollars to get ivory linens). So this little question gave me so much joy.

Another simplicity that I take joy in, is marking off the days on my calendar. It is something so small that I love to do at the end of a long work day. Each day brings me closer to marrying my Joseph and that thought is euphoric.


  1. It's T-9 months for us today, and I woke up with a smile.

  2. Excited with/for you!! Pray you soak in every moment of your day! It's so [wonderfully] fleeting, and then you're on the other side forever! :) (Yay!!!)