Friday, December 18, 2009

Waiting for the heirloom

Before I begin this post I have  to admit: Joseph and I are not engaged yet. We have avidly talked about it and know that it will happen. Of course, I will not know when or where but it will happen and soon.

I stare at my left hand and realize there is something missing. A symbol. A ring. An "engaging" piece of jewelry that starts conversations of:

"Oh my goodness!!!! How did he propose???" Followed by piercing squeals as I recount the details for the millionth time.

"What are the 'Four C's' of your ring?" "Really? That's all? looks amazing on your hand!" After I tell them that it is .44 carats.


Joseph and I knew we wanted to marry after only three months of dating and now after eight months we are going to get engaged. When? Tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. New Years maybe? In other words I have no clue.

I do know what my ring will look like. My grandmother graciously offered us her ring. A beautiful .44 carat solitaire set in yellow gold that my grandfather gave to her over 50 years ago. A time when things were simpler, life was slower and love was enough.

Soon, her ring will be my ring. It will grace my left hand and I will stare at it and think of where it has been, the love that was built on top of it and the future that is before us.

Have you acquired an heirloom? What did it mean to you?

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