Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pretty in pink...or not.

I have always despised pink. I prefer white roses over pink. Red nail polish to its diluted counterpart. My wardrobe consists of neutrals, reds and purples. Pink? Almost non-existant. I've never even been asked to wear a pink bridesmaids dress. Score!

Despite avoiding the color since I was able to dress myself, I find that I gravitate towards wedding inspiration boards that depict an army of girls clad in light pink dresses, cakes crowned with pink floral arrangements and vintage lace dresses with pink sashes.


I have been running from pink all this time but alas, I can run no longer. Pink is feminine, it is classic, it is timeless. I will make the assumption that almost every bride wants to embody and embrace femininity on their wedding day and what better hue than pink?

While I am still unsure as to what color will be gracing our wedding day pink is a great contender. Will I regret it later? Maybe. Will it convey a sweet, feminine, memorable day? Absolutely.

Have you fallen in love with a color that you didn't expect? Did you use a color in your wedding that you regretted?

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