Friday, December 18, 2009

"Bring me that horizon..."

Captain Jack Sparrow said this at the end of "Pirates of the Caribbean". This simple statement holds so much passion and mystery and embodies the feelings I have been having about planning a wedding and being married.

As a little girl I never dreamed about my wedding. I have never imagined myself in a white dress, walking down the aisle to a faceless groom. Truthfully, I have always been scared at the thought of marriage. Never have I thought about having a partner, a significant other to come home to and share a life with. I have been independent since receiving my first training bra and learning that dress up isn't the only time to wear red lipstick.

The idea of having to plan a large celebration with all the tulle, flowers, sweets and people has always given me anxiety, to the point where I think about throwing my hands up and getting put on serious medication.

But as I wait, patiently and knowingly, for the engagement ring, my feelings have changed. The anxiety that used to grip my throat has been subdued. What is left is suspense and wonder. Curiosity and mystery. The unknown and the anticipated. The hope for something beautiful and enduring.

As I continue planning the day that Joseph and I will wed, I say "Bring me that horizon" and all its beauty. Each horizon we encounter, no matter how sad, trying or joyful will be more beautiful than the last.

So once again, "Bring me that horizon!"

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