Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby's First Lullaby

This post is as much to record a specific moment and time in the history of Ackerbaby as it is to let you, my family and friends, in on our little life.

At 16 weeks, baby can "hear". I'm not sure if this is mostly through vibrations and I am sure that Ackerbaby feels like "The Little Mermaid", having to listen though all that fluid, but I surely hope he/she enjoyed the first "lullaby" I sang him/her.

What song?

Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor

While this song is about our sister state, North Carolina, I love the sense of nostalgia that goes along with listening to James Taylor's voice and listening to this song in my Mom's car. I like to think that the song is about our South Carolina. The Carolina that will be the home to our little one. 

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