Tuesday, August 7, 2012

16 weeks and counting. Boy or Girl?

I am 16 weeks pregnant today. Or four months. Or 112 days.

However you want to count the measurement of pregnancy, I am definitely more pregnant than I was a few short months ago.

My waistline is growing, there are little movements in my tummy that could be contributed to either gas or Ackerbaby. My vote is for Ackerbaby.

Over the past four months, I have learned what miserable really means with almost 6 weeks of non-stop nausea. I honestly told the hubs that if my whole pregnancy was going to be plagued by nausea that we would have to adopt the rest of the our children.

I have learned what faith is by putting the life of my little one in God's hands and just enjoying having the baby here for as long as God decides to let me have him (or her). Also by stepping out and putting in my notice at work. Yep, that's right. I am going to try the good ole "stay-at-home mom" routine. (More on that later).

I have learned that sometimes spilled milk really does make you cry and yes, it is just because of the hormones. I have learned that putting your car keys and other random items in the refrigerator is a normal occurrence and that sometimes you will forget to wear your bra to work. Preggo-brain is real and it is here to stay.

So, I have learned all these things but what I have yet to learn is the gender of Ackerbaby...and that, my friends, we will be finding out this weekend.

Many people have weighed in. Some think Ackerbaby is going to be a girl, the majority think it will be a boy. I have dreamed that it was a girl but I have always called him, him.

So weigh in...what do you think Ackerbaby will be? Boy or girl?


  1. so sorry about all of your nausea! hoping the second trimester improves for you...it is supposed to be the "honeymoon phase" or so I have been told :) my hormones are out of control these days (at 31 weeks) crying at the drop of a hat! Whatever little Baby A. Is...I pray that he or she is healthy and has a great entrance into the world!

    1. so far the second trimester has been a dream! (Literally, as I sleep ten times more than normal!)
      That you for your prayers and I pray the same for your little man. I also pray that the "blues" keep far, far away from you.