Sunday, June 12, 2011

Time to stand up for what I believe

Michael Bolton is awesome and completely underrated. Before you start sighing and navigating away from my blog...hear me out.

My first concert was Michael Bolton, the opener was Celine Dion (that tells you how long ago this was). I remember it was in Charlotte, it was hot, we had grass seats and we sat on a multi-colored checkered blanket. I was very young so I only remember snapshots of the show but since then I have had a soft spot for Mr. Bolton.
So yes. Michael once had outrageous curly, weird, blonde hair. It looked like he stuck is finger in a socket one too many times. But was his trademark and it worked. When you think of Michael Bolton, you think of ridiculous curly hair.
But people...I challenge you to take a journey with me into the world of Michael.

Look past the cheesy, 90's videography. Look past his mane. Look past the terrible jacket, fake fire, halfway open shirt and tight jeans. Scratch that...we can keep the tight jeans.
But seriously, listen to his voice. That man can sing. Amen and Amen.

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