Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If I had my way

If I could have my way, I wouldn’t be where I am.

I would be sitting along a clean, blue shore, feeling the salt gather on my skin and brushing strands of hair away from my face.

I would be walking along a rushing river, listening to the water splash against rocks and logs. Barefoot, avoiding anthills hidden in tall grass.

I would be miles and miles above the earth. Looking at the top of cotton candy clouds, dreaming of walking among them.

I would be teetering on the edge of the horizon, watching the sun melt in colors of pink, orange and turquoise. The heat slowly dying.

I would be far away from city lights that illuminate even the darkest nights. And lying on my back, look up to see millions of stars looking back at me.
I would be running through endless fields my only guide being inconstant fireflies.

I would be worlds away from where I am, at my cold desk, looking at a screen that can merely show me glimpses of the joy I wish to take in.


  1. mmmm.... love your writing, girl!

    (when's vacation!??)

  2. Let's go!
    When I click on your name to go to your blog, it isn't the blog with your musings. What is the link to yours?

  3. Thanks, Kim! Eeeesh...well...all my vacation time is used up between funerals and weddings. We might be able to snag a weekend away soon :)

  4. You're speaking my language now. Especially the beach part.

    Nice to "meet" you. Go Gamecocks!!