Friday, March 18, 2011

On having a Super-Husband

I know that most of you, especially those of you who are married, think that your significant other is the greatest.

Well...I am sad to say that I may have the GREATEST-EST husband ever.

I have never really stopped to truly enjoy his strength, talents and creativity. But while looking around the house I came to realize just how talented he really is.

He is an awesome brewer, making many different styles of beers including stouts, sours, IPAs, rye ales and the list goes on (with the help of his friend Matthew). He is an amazing drummer and djembe player. I wish he would play more.

He is an avid disc-golf player, though I will admit that he hasn't played a lot lately as he chooses to spend time with me. But he gets out there on his day off and really has a great time!

He is also so talented around the house. Since we have been together he has: re-tiled the floor, replaced the 1940's Harvest Gold toilet, re-finished the Harvest Gold bathtub and replaced the vanity in the guest bathroom.

If that isn't enough, he has also tacked up the cabinets and pulled down wallpaper in the kitchen, painted the living room a nice shade of Macadamia Nut (aka beige), wired up the surround sound, pulled the fireplace cover off (it was a not-so-pretty gold), scrubbed our unsealed tile floors because they were driving me bananas, painted our bathroom, primed our ceiling for painting, cleaned the garage, raked leaves in the front yard, made a fire pit in the backyard.....the list goes on.

I can barely catch my breath listing all the things that he has done as an act of service. I could not imagine doing half of the things that he has accomplished and if I did attempt them it would look like a 2nd grader was allowed in the house to wreak havoc.

I am so grateful for such a loving, forgiving, sacrificing husband who is a leader through and through. I know much of it comes from the way he saw his parents interact growing up and I am so grateful. The majority of it comes from his relationship with Christ who gives him strength, grace and most of all unconditional love.


  1. Jennifer AckermanMarch 18, 2011 at 9:31 AM

    Awww! What sweet things to say. You da man Joseph!

  2. Well, that's my bro!

  3. he does have some good qualities, it's true. ;-)

  4. Awesome Job Joseph!!!!

  5. Well, I sure don't understand what we did so wrong. When he was living with us I had trouble getting him to mow the grass, clean his room or any of a thousand other things I asked. He did do a pretty good job of taking out the garbage, when I asked him to. And you know, his next younger brother is the same way. People in other places praise him for being such a good worker, but at home, oh well, I guess my lot in life is to raise good workers to go out and do for others. I guess John will make some young lady extremely proud one day too. Go Joseph! Go guys, go make somebody else extremely happy. Good for you Jessica, I'm glad you can bring out the best in him!

  6. He does sound like a great husband and a great guy. We're so blessed to have such amazing guys in our lives. Sounds like he'll be a good daddy one day, too ;-).

    Off topic: I'm loving that dress in the picture...where'd ya get it?

  7. I believe TJMaxx a few years ago! It's Calvin Klein and I find his dresses fit my frame better than most!