Monday, May 24, 2010

Carnation Carnage

I hate carnations...with a passion. I hate the way they smell, the way they look, the way they taste...well just kidding on the taste.

However, while casually browsing floral ideas on my lunch break ( wasn't my lunch break but I don't take smoke breaks so this was my smoke break) I found these lovelies:



Oh just one more....


Oh yes, please! Who knew that carnations could be so lovely, so uncharacteristic of themselves? After all when I think of carnations I think of:


While some would think this arrangement was the bees knees, it reminds me of a funeral which doesn't give me warm fuzzies but rather cold feet.

Do carnations sound good to you? Well they did for bloggers: Mrs. Jellyfish; Mrs. Flamingo (disclaimer: photo may make you swoon!); Mrs. Lime and again Mrs. Lime.

With all of the inspiration how could one not use the dreaded carnation? Afterall the caterpillar did grow up to be a beautiful butterfly!

Did you find beauty in something that you originally loathed? Have you considered using your least favorite flower as a focal point?

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