Thursday, January 28, 2010

He engages me

In my 24 years of life (almost 25, yikes!) I have had many a wonderful Christmas. Christmases filled with baby dolls, dress up clothes and make-up; kisses from grandma, hugs from my dad and nuggies from my brother (yes...that is how you spell nuggie. I'm not going to lie, I had to Google it.)

However, Christmas 2009 was filled with emotions. Happiness, nervousness and sadness.

Happiness: Joseph asked me to marry him. He wrote me a beautiful letter with a pen and ink well. Wrapped with a big red bow lovingly made by his sister. Our families surrounded us, meeting each other for the first time, as I carefully unwrapped the letter. He watched my eyes as I read the letter:

My Dear Jessica,
These past several months as I have come to know you better, I have come to the realization that I do not ever want to live without you.
Your love for Christ is encouraging to me and your faith in Him is something that I admire in you.
Your love for me, and acceptance of me despite my many faults, continues to surprise and overwhelm me daily.
You are the most beautiful woman, both internally and externally, that I have ever known.
Your appreciation of thoughtfulness and romance inspires and encourages me to cultivate my ability to surprise and romance you.
Your intelligence helps me to enjoy your outlook and perception in every aspect of my life.
Your love for music, writing, poetry, beauty, and thought are aspects of you that I enjoy and hope to encourage.
Your constant encouragement of me in the areas in which I need improvement motivates me to be the man of God that He created me to be.
Your gentleness and patience are aspects of your personality that I have always desired and needed in the woman that I marry.
I cannot, and will not, settle for my life alone apart from you, and implore you to join me in serving our Saviour together.
I understand that our many differences will create unknown challenges for us in our marriage, but I am certain that Christ has placed us together to grow both of us further.
I will always love you, will acknowledge you in all that I do, and will attempt to serve you selflessly in all that I do.
In following Christ, and in keeping with the commandments of Scripture, I must request that you marry me, and continue on our path together toward Christ.
For these reasons and many, many more, I am writing to ask your hand in marriage.     
Swoon! Cry! Laugh!

He then proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me to be his forever. He opened the ring box... STOP. WAIT A MINUTE.But....wait....what? Huh? That is not my grandma's ring!? What?

Yes...I said what about a million times. Joseph and my mom conspired to get me the ring of my dreams. I'm not complaining ;)

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Were you surprised on your engagement day? Did you expect one thing but get another?

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