Thursday, April 17, 2014

38 weeks and sort of counting

Being 38 weeks pregnant and knowing what is looming in front of me, I can honestly say that "D" day will come with bittersweet emotions. While I am looking forward to meeting my newest little girl, I am dreading the actual labor and delivery.

This pregnancy has gone by a lot quicker than Gwen's. I have been ultimate slacker-mom and haven't participated in any preparations until this week and my list of to-dos seems like it is a mile long.

I have avoided thinking about the actual giving birth part. If you read about my birth story with Gwen, you will remember that while the labor and delivery were easy compared to many other birth stories, I was still traumatized. There is nothing in comparison to the pain of childbirth (many men will say kidney stones is worse than childbirth, of course, they will never know what childbirth is like and I will never know what passing a kidney stone through a male member is like...but I would still beg that childbirth is much, much worse. At least we get a beautiful baby out of the deal. They only get a little mustard seed.)

Instead of making a practical list of all the chores and preparations that need to be made, I instead made a list of helpful hints for surviving childbirth and the following days:

Music: Music made labor bearable, at least the first 14 hours of labor. I made a playlist that included a nice blend of worship music, Band of Horses, Dave Matthews, Edwin McCain and other music that I found to be soothing/calming or tunes that incited brilliant memories from days passed. I would sing through contractions and it seemed to work well.

Doula: No matter the cost, I suggest getting a doula. Having someone there that knows how labor works and ways to alleviate labor pains is priceless.

Granny panties: Yep. You read that right. If you are pregnant and about to pop, stop what you are doing, go to Wal-mart and grab a bag of 3-times too big granny panties. You will thank me later.

Towels: Bring your own towels. The hospital towels are teeny and are made for children.

Snacks: Joseph jumped in on this one. He was standing beside me for so long and I barely even let him step away to take a sip of water much less go and get a snack. Bring snacks that have a low-aroma as nausea does happen.

Fan: Hospital rooms are hot and stuffy. I feel for the poor nurses who work there everyday. Your hospital will have a fan available - you just have to ask for it.

Comfortable bra: At the end of labor, I ended up completely naked (I was hot...). This time, I am going to bring a belly band to put on like a bra so when Charis arrives I will have photos that don't show my upper region in all it's glory.

Diaper pads: These are pads made from diapers. Our hospital provided these and some hospitals have a product that is similar. To make them at home, simply cut the end of a diaper, stuff it with ice (preferably Sonic-style ice), roll up the cut end and tape it closed. I think the nurses were getting annoyed with me as I kept asking for these little gems. They are soft and feel amazing after giving birth.

A few other things:

I was scared to death of the first dreaded bathroom visit after pushing out a 7 pound 5 ounce baby. I shouldn't have been. It wasn't as bad as I thought (certainly not as bad as the pain of childbirth).

I brought a hair dryer and my flat iron when I was in the hospital with Gwen. I didn't use it.

I brought a whole wardrobe. I didn't use it.

I brought a diaper bag full of "baby essentials". Who was I kidding...the hospital has everything you need for your new little nugget. Do bring a cute going home outfit and car seat.

So here is to another birth. Another little miracle.


  1. Hey girl!!! I haven't caught up in a while and I am sure you already have #2 already here by now!! lol! Post pics when you can and I hope you are doing well adjusting to having 2 under two!!!

  2. Hi Jessica! I'm Heather and I have a quick question about your blog that I was hoping you could answer! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

  3. Hey Jessica!!! HOw are you girl?!! I have been thinking about you and your babies! How is everything going? WE need an update on baby #2 and how are you guys are adjusting! Miss hearing from you! Talk to you soon!