Tuesday, November 20, 2012

31 Weeks

When it comes to pregnancy, all I can say is people lied. See chart below:

Midnight milkshake cravings
Midnight pee runs
Hating my body
Loving my new bump
Severe Acid Reflux
Yeah…they didn’t lie about that
Amazing cravings: fast food, ice cream, chocolate
No cravings except the occasional gummy bear
Crazy stretch marks
No new stretch marks (forthcoming maybe?)
Waddling like a duck
Still walking like a normal person
Glowing skin
Acne popping up in the weirdest places
Fear of birth process
Calm, knowing that my body is made for this purpose
Swollen feet
Yeah…that is true.
Random people touching my belly
Not one person has yet to touch my belly without asking.
Looking like a blimp by 5 months
People could barely tell I was pregnant

For some reason, I think I have been one of the lucky pregnant women who have been blessed with a fairly easy pregnancy. While there have been a few bumps in the road (failing my first glucose test and having to take the 3-hour glucose test that I swear almost killed me...no worries though I passed and a minor heart mishap that was due to stress), my journey has been smooth sailing.

Gwendolyn has been growing and moving, I have a husband who is supportive and extremely involved in the preparing process (and in dealing with my extremely emotional, tired self). I honestly thought I would complain a lot more. 

How far along?  31 weeks! (Almost 8 months!)
Total weight gain/loss?  11 pounds! I am very proud of how much I have gained. I am right on target for not gaining too much or too little.
Maternity clothes?  Yes, on the reg.
Stretch marks? None! (Well besides the ones I already had)
Sleep?  Lately sleep has been iffy. Acid reflux has taken it's toll on my sleeping habits, waking me up in the middle of the night. I havestarted propping myself up on three pillows which isn't too comfortable but any sleep is better than no sleep.
Best moment last week? Our baby shower in Conway and at my work! It never ceases to amaze me how much people love us. I am so grateful for my mom, sister and sister-in-love for all they did for the shower in Conway and for my co-workers for raising $145 for us!
Movement?  Constantly and I love it! (Except when she sticks her hand/foot in my rib or decides to karate chop my bladder). I have noticed peak times when she is active and I freak out if she doesn't move during those times. I love how she responds if I press on my belly or tap on it.
 Food cravings?  As long as I stay away from Pinterest I usually don't have intense cravings. While Pinterest is a bride's ebest friend it is a pregnant woman's enemy! All the amazing food! I bought my sister a 3-pound bag of gummy bears as a thank you gift for helping with the shower and since then I have wanted gummy bears.
Gender? She is still a she and forever a she shall she be.
Labor signs? Not that I am aware of. I am new to the pregnancy thing. Someitmes it feels as if my uterus gets tight but there is no pain associated with it, so maybe it is a Braxton-Hicks? Who knows...
Belly button in/out? Completely in. I don't think it will ever pop out! Though, isn't that how you tell when a baby is done cooking? Your belly-button timer pops out?
What I miss: I miss gin and tonic. People are going to think I'm an alcoholic. I miss medium-rare steak.
What I am looking forward to: My maternity photos with Studio 9 Photography! I am looking to do some Christmasy photos (as well as regluar ones) If you have any ideas, let me know!
Funny Story: So last night I woke up and noticed that my legs were wet. My first thought: "I peed the bed!" Second thought: "My water broke!" Then I realized I was just really hot and sweaty.


  1. Hahahaha... love this!!! Glad you passed the test! Eat an omelot next time before you do the first test and you will pass! :)

    1. The whole "9 hour fasting" thing cannot be good for you! Hopefully the next birth will be at the birthing center or at home so we won't have to worry to much with the glucose test.

  2. You seriously were made for pregnancy, girl - you look the most beautiful I've ever seen you (which is really something, cause you gorgeous anyways)! And your calm attitude going into the final stretch and labor/delivery will be so helpful for you. You're a champ! :)

    1. Thank you :) It has been great so far, can't wait until she is here!

  3. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. I will touch the baby belly....remind me to ask first!! hahaha! :)

    1. You are exempt from having to ask :)

  4. Pregnancy and Birth is such a wonderful time, (I sometimes felt guilty that I had such joy!) but it dims in comparison to the moment you hear the first cry and then having the warm wiggly bundle placed in your arms. Her eyes will open at the sound of your voice and the world fades away and it is only her, you and Joseph in a tiny bubble of awe sent straight from God with a huge smile on His face. What a wonderful God we serve! Can't wait to meet my lil baby Gwendolyn! I love you, my beautiful baby girl! I will never forget the day your were born or all the joy you have brought into my life as yhou have grown into such an amazing Christian woman! ~mom

  5. Girl I am so proud of you! 11 pounds? how in the world did you do that? I gained 50!!! Did you exercise the whole time? So excited for you and your precious baby girl!!!

    1. Nope. I just think my being tall and my lack of cravings helped in the lack of weight gain!